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Job Description

The reputation and success of LBS depends upon and thrives due to the quality of our employees. We constantly search for people who have the skills and traits that are required to provide the level of service that clients expect and we demand.

Working as an inventory auditor for LBS is a little different than working for other inventory companies because most of our clients have come to expect more than just an accurate count from LBS.

Like all inventory services a physical count is taken of the product in the store. Product will be split into categories defined by our clientís needs and also divided into areas throughout the store for easy verification of accuracy. The figures are then entered into a spreadsheet and reconciled against the clients book totals, taking into account any outstanding issues. This aspect of the job is quite mundane and unbearable for most people.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the rest of our process. Other companies, upon completion of the count are finished. Depending upon the needs of the client, we may conduct a data integrity review; verifying transactions entered since our last visit, (sales, invoices, price changes, and write offs) or anything that affects the inventory valuation.

We may also verify banking procedures, fuel inventory, loss prevention controls, image and other operational procedures. We often provide survey information; collecting data and presenting it in a concise format that helps our clients understand their business. We get involved in our clients business because we like to make an impact and frankly, it makes for more interesting work. Good partnerships also build long term relationships.

However, the basis of our business remains the accuracy of the initial count.


  1. Experience with an ICAL 100R or similar inventory equipment but at least excellent 10-key by touch ability.
  2. Good verbal communication skills. Auditors deal with the public every day and often have to deliver bad news. It is not a job for thin-skinned people. We expect our people to be courteous at all times.
  3. Good written communication skills. Auditors write recaps of their audits each day; detailing their efforts at each location. The recaps include objective and subjective information for the benefit of the clients and need to be clear and concise.
  4. Basic computer experience. We currently have equipment running on Windows XP and most of our work is completed using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Outlook Express. A basic familiarity with these programs is helpful.
  5. Clean driving record. Is this a skill or a trait? Itís a necessity. Company cars are a great benefit for employees but they are expensive to purchase, maintain and insure. Reckless operators need not apply.


  1. Ambitious and highly motivated. Our people must be self-starters and able to work without supervision.
  2. Must be a morning person. LBS operates with predictable, first shift type schedules.
  3. An Organized person will have an easier time learning and adapting to our process and is more likely to be able to achieve the efficiency that we need to succeed.
  4. Attendance record setters succeed at LBS. Our clients expect the job to be completed on time as scheduled. People that miss work or canít show up on time will not succeed.


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